Airfield / Club Facilities

We work hard to ensure that our members and students benefit from a range of facilities which rival the larger airfield environments. The dedicated clubhouse and access to the aircraft is available to members at all times (whether the school is operating or not). Inside it houses two fully equiped class/briefing rooms, a comfy members lounge with tea/coffee making facilities, a microwave and a fridge. Cold soft drinks and snacks are available and the fridge is also ideal for keeping sandwiches etc cool for lunchtime. The walls hold a number of noticeboards and a range of aviation charts for general planning purposes.
Pilots wishing to book in/out will find the Airfield Log just inside the door (landing fees are paid here as well). In the same area you will find the current weather forecasts, any known long-term airspace restrictons, our ground radio station and a computer loaded with SkyDemonLight to allow checking of NOTAMS, en-route weather etc.
Visitors are welcome to use the lounge facilities and, when the weather is good, the outside decking area makes a great viewing platform for friends and family to watch while you fly. Toilets are available in a separate building and fire extinguishers are always on-hand. 
  1. Runways
    15-LH 33-RH Length 390 Meters 26-LH 08-RH Length 450 Meters Grass surface uneven in places
  2. Radio
    Call Sign Clench Radio Radio Frequency 119.300 Air / Ground Service
  3. PPR
    Please PPR before all flights especially for first time visitors telephone us on 01672 515535, landing fee is £5.00
  4. Join
    Contact Clench Radio 5 NM prior to arrival 119.300 , Standard Overhead Join at 1,500Ft on the QFE with circuit height 500Ft.
  5. Departure
    Standard overhead departure and remain at 1000ft until clear of the airfield, please avoid flying over restricted areas (North and West of the field).
  6. Noise Abatement
    To maintain the existing good relationship with the community, please observe good Airmanship and avoid overflying villages in close proximity to the airfield.
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