What You Get
  1. Great Team
    We are a long established Flight training operation with 27 years experience and over 700 students trained safely.
  2. Saving Time
    With practical flying, Theory, Examinations and Radio (course and exam) all offered in one location
  3. New Generation Aircraft
    GS Aviation uses the fully enclosed Calidus Gyroplane, this is a low hours aircraft with the most up to date technology and full cabin heat.
  4. Location
    Clench Common is an ideal airfield for training with multiple runways
  5. Aircraft Shares
    Shares are available in Aircraft
  6. Availability
    Courses are available throughout the autumn and winter.

Gyrocopter Trial Flights

  1. 1 hour Lesson £180
    A full briefing by your instructor followed by an introduction to the Gyrocopter and then a 60 minute flight where you will be taking the controls and discovering how it feels to fly this truly versatile machine. Time flown can count towards your pilots licence.
  2. 30 minute - £110
    30 minutes including a flight briefing in a state of the art Gyrocopter. Subject to suitability of weather the flight may include a short 'hands on' instruction to see what it feels like. Time flown can count towards your pilots license.
  3. 90 Minute Return Flight - £275
    For a longer experience, a 90 minute flight including a landing at another airfield. This will begin with a full briefing by your flying instructor and you will be given the opportunity to take the controls and, probably, do most of the flying. Your instructor will handle navigation and radio to allow you to concentrate on controlling this amazing machine.



The Calidus is one of the new generation of aircraft in the UK, BCAR Section-T compliant, factory built in Germany and final assembly in the UK at Rotorsport UK Ltd's CAA approved workshops. Gyrocopters have come a long way since Little Nellie in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice and are now practical, safe and serious fun to fly machines.

The gyroplane complements our other flying activities. In many ways the aircraft is very similar to our present microlights. Same Rotax engine, same maximum take off weight, similar range and performance with the only major differences being that it can land in a much smaller space and can handle serious 40kt winds without incident. The licence required is the PPL(G) which requires more hours than the microlight but then the aircrafts abilities are much broader.


£168.00 per Hour

5 Day 


​​Five day intensive course, Monday to Friday (or by arrangement). 10 hours flying and short briefings. This course is designed to kick start your Gyro flying, and is based on one to one for the 5 days.

Cost :


10 Day 


20 hour course over 10 days, with a weekend between (or by arrangement).This course will complete almost all of your dual instruction on a one to one basis, and gets you through nearly 50% of your licence requirements.

Cost :


40 Hour


To be held on weekdays over 4 weeks (believe me you'll be glad of the break by Friday). Includes 40 hours of flying and the short briefs required for each lesson - you will need the training notes and the Gyrocopter Book to make this work.

Cost :