Types of Trial Flights

Fixed Wing Aircraft

  1. 1 hour Lesson £140
    The best choice if you want to learn to fly. A briefing and explanation, by your flying instructor, on how the controls work on the aircraft. This will then be followed by a 1 hour flight where you will take the controls and start the process of learning to fly. Time flown can count towards your pilots licence.
  2. Introductory - £70
    20 minutes including a flight briefing in a fixed wing microlight. Subject to suitability of weather the flight may include a short 'hands on' instruction to see what it feels like. Time flown can count towards your pilots license.
  3. Microlight Introduction To Leisure Aviation - £270
    A briefing by your flying instructor including the features of a fixed wing aircraft, two hours of flying instruction plus a de-brief on your flights and a review of your future options.
  4. Tailor Made - On Request
    Build your own flight, to make sure you can experience all the benefits of Microlight flying. You can also include multiple types of aircraft if required.

Gyrocopter Trial Flights

  1. 1 hour Lesson £180
    A full briefing by your instructor followed by an introduction to the Gyrocopter and then a 60 minute flight where you will be taking the controls and discovering how it feels to fly this truly versatile machine. Time flown can count towards your pilots licence.
  2. 30 minute - £110
    30 minutes including a flight briefing in a state of the art Gyrocopter. Subject to suitability of weather the flight may include a short 'hands on' instruction to see what it feels like. Time flown can count towards your pilots license.
  3. 90 Minute Return Flight - £275
    For a longer experience, a 90 minute flight including a landing at another airfield. This will begin with a full briefing by your flying instructor and you will be given the opportunity to take the controls and, probably, do most of the flying. Your instructor will handle navigation and radio to allow you to concentrate on controlling this amazing machine.
What will I need to bring with me for my trial flight?

All you will need to bring with you for your trial flight is yourself and your voucher. We advise you wear sensible clothing and footwear but the aircraft are sealed and heated so you don't need any special clothing.

Where can I go on my trial flight?

Where you go on your trial flight will depend on the length of your voucher. If you live near to the airfield we can most probably fly you over your house so you can take a photograph. We are also close to Avebury stone circle, Silbury hill, West Kennet long barrow and a few of Wiltshire's white horses. If you opt for a 60-minute flight we can cover a total distance of approximately 50 miles.

Are all your instructors qualified?

All of our instructors are qualified to British Microlight Aircraft Association and Civil Aviation Authority standard and are frequently tested to ensure they are meeting the standard required. They have many years experience, and are career Microlight instructors.

Is there a weight limit for flying Microlights?

Each type of Microlight has a seat loading and so the weight limit will depend on the aircraft type that you fly in. As a guide a maximum permitted weight would be approximately 110 kilos. If you are in any doubt don't hesitate to give us a call.

What are the age limitations for flying?

There is no age limit for a trial flight provided that the person is able to listen, understand and comply with the instructors briefing. If the person is under 17 years old then we will require parental or guardian consent prior to flying.
The minimum age that someone can begin their training is 14 years old provided that they are tall enough to reach all of the control systems. Although they can begin dual instruction aged 14 they cannot fly solo until they are 16 years old. Once they have completed all of the flying exercises and written exams required they can complete a flight test at 17 years old and will then obtain an NPPL

Microlight licence.

There is no maximum age for learning to fly.

What if the weather is unsuitable on the day of my flight?

If the weather is unsuitable on the day of your flight then we will re-book you for another time that is suitable for you. It is important to call our office number (01672 515535) on the morning of your flight to ensure the weather is suitable at the airfield as it may be good where you are but poor here. Alternatively if the weather doesn't look good where you are it may be suitable for flying at the airfield, so do call.

What if my voucher expires?

If your voucher expires we will extend the expiry date on a voucher if a flight has been cancelled (due to poor weather for example), provided that a booking has been made with us prior to the original date passing and that the company supplying the voucher agree to extend it. If there is no attempt to make a booking with us prior to the expiry date then we may not extend the voucher.

Can I extend the flight time on my voucher?

You can extend the flight time of your voucher when you call our office to make your booking and they will let you know the options available. It is important to mention extending the flight time at this stage so that we can book the aircraft and instructor for a longer period.